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Poem : Friends

February 17, 2023 Design, Music
Poem : Friends

Remember a time when the thumb was it
And the dreaded little finger we always hid

While shaking hands, each pair had a style
The longer the play the bigger was the smile

Sorrow was when that friend was truly sick
To finish lunch now you needed a new trick

Such little arguments made foes of friends
But joy was how quickly they made amends

Beauty was when we were punished for talking
Standing alone while the other sat stalking

That guilt in their heart when we made big eyes
How close were those hearts you cannot surmise

Together we played in both the sun and rains
Sharing with each other our fun and pains

First day of each year bought so much Joy
Not just teachers, we had each other to annoy

Ice cream candy’s and lolly’s we tried
With our hands their white shirts we dyed

Within each desk we had so much to hide
Not secrets or jewels but mischiefs and pride

As exams drew near, the talking subsided
Replaced with hymns for fear of being chided

Last day of each year was no small plan
A lot of dreams stopped right where they began

Do you even remember your final goodbye
If then you really knew, would you still comply?

Did you hug and cry and make promises to fly
Are they really so far now that you cannot even try

I’ll leave you here with a lesson for the next
Take it with you or leave it like the rest

Don’t take them lightly, they may go very soon
Behold each moment as though it were a blue moon

A simple eclair then would bring them together
Build them a yacht now, they still won’t tether

Sometimes it’s not eclairs but instead a melody
Don’t think so much you know it’s not a felony

Keep your enemies closer, I hear them say
It’s that thinking which drives your closest away

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